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Imbolc 2016

With the greatest regret, I have to report I am not physically able to offer rite and celebration of Imbolc at The Longstone this year, as I had planned.

I’ve been struck down this week with a recurrence of the horrible bug that put me in ‘resus’ at St Mary’s earlier this month. Although I’ve put myself back on my emergency antibiotics, they’re still a few days from properly kicking in.

It seems likely, in fact, that I might have to step back for a while from public rite, as my health isn’t currently improving.

However, I’m not giving up.

I’m still currently working on the new Wight Druids website and will be able to maintain our online presence. And I can still offer dates for physical Longstone gatherings – via mailshots and the website – if our dear friends wish to ‘keep the faith’ in their own way until I am able to sensibly return. Some have already indicated they will be up at The Longstone around noon tomorrow (Saturday) as scheduled to offer their own prayers for the season.

Meanwhile, my consultant has referred me for a pioneering lung procedure, which could make a big difference to my condition. It is currently estimated this procedure will be available from late spring.

Mary-Ann and me originally established Wight Druids to offer open pagan public rite and celebration around the wheel of the year on our gorgeous Island because no-one was doing so when we came here. We would be so honoured if gatherings at The Longstone could continue in some form, until we are able to return again to offer our familiar rites.

Bletsunga Beorhte /|\ Bright Blessings,



WIGHT DRUIDS once more performed a special opening ceremony for Bestival 2015, again on stage in the Big Top.

Special thanks to Eltjo De Vries, who led the ceremony, and to Joe Caudwell (didgeridoo) and Fany Bah, our dancer, as well as to the rest of the on-stage and backstage crew who helped to make the event a resounding success.

Bestival 2015 - backstage

The Wight Druids team backstage at Bestival 2015. Picture by Tom Martin. Online at

And now, Wight Druids The Movie:

Wight Druids’ opening ceremony for Bestival 2015 as featured on YouTube.

WIGHT DRUIDS’ appearance on stage in the Big Top at Bestival 2013, performing the event’s opening ceremony, was a pretty overwhelming experience for all of us.On stage2

The sight and sound of so many people joining in our customary ‘Awen’ chant was, simply, stunning!

Pic by Lucy Boynton

Meanwhile, there’s more on the 2013 event here: