We are Wight Druids

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THE Isle of Wight is a small but beautiful and sunny Island just off the south coast of England where the ancestral torch has been re-kindled after many hundreds of years so its inhabitants may once again celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year in harmony with their roots and with their natural surroundings.
Wight Druids, or the Grove of Ynys Wyth, was established at Midsummer 2004 to celebrate the eight Druid festivals at the key nodal points of each year in open rite and to provide a nurturing ‘home’ for all those in search of their true inner selves, their wellspring of inspiration.
All are welcome who approach with an open heart and mind, and embrace the spirit of mutual respect that is central to the Wight Druids ethic.
May your spiritual journeying be Blessed. /|\


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