Winds of change

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VISITORS to this blog – and to our long-running website at – might already have noticed a fairly radical change.

For a little while now, we have been working on a completely new kind of website to combine all the old ‘static’ site offered with some new interactive features to give Grove members and friends some fresh options for showcasing their own work and sharing inspiration – or just a bit of chat – directly on the site.

In particular, the Eisteddfod section has been opened out to give more space for offerings of pictures, videos, poetry and more.

But we have also now added a built-in blog, a forum for exchanging ideas and a ‘Shoutbox’ for more direct chat, among the raft of new features.

Although still under constant development, we are now consolidating the new site as our main online presence and as a result, have suspended the original site, with traffic automatically redirected to our new ‘home’ on the web.

We do hope you will come on over and join us.

Bendithion Llawen/|\Bright Blessings


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