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As many of you will know, no sooner had we launched the new and instantly popular Wight Druids Network website than Ning – the social networking platform on which it was built – announced it was withdrawing its free services, profoundly irritating for a vast number of people who had put countless hours into building some good interactive sites this way.

Feeling rather unhappy at the ethics of this sudden move, we decided to develop a new version through another provider, and this is now up and running at

If you haven’t come over and joined us so far, please do so as soon as you can. There is now a ‘button’ link on the front page of the Ning site that allows you to jump straight into the new site without having to fill in most of your details again.

Meanwhile, a longer-term aim is to completely redevelop the main Wight Druids website, making it much wider-ranging and far more interactive, as well as making it simpler for anyone signing up for the free membership to add their own content. This work is just getting under way now on our new server space at You can visit this embryonic site now if you’d like to see how we’re getting on with this and keep an eye on the construction work as it progresses. It’s already even possible to register as a member of the site, although content is still sparse at the moment.

As ever, we would welcome your comments on either or both of the new sites.

Bendithion Llawen/|\Bright Blessings

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Druid


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