Honouring the Ancient Dead

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My teacher, Emma Restall Orr, recently appeared on BBC’s Newsnight in an item about the reburial of ancient pre-christian remains, which is a cause she is closely involved in through her campaign group, Honouring the Ancient Dead.

If you have a few moments, you might well find it worthwhile to take a look at the item through the BBC’s online iPlayer at:
The item in question comes up around 36 mins into the programme.

Emma is, as many of you will already know, the author of A Perennial Course in Living Druidry, as well as founder of The Druid Network and co-founder of the British Druid Order, and has written many books on Druidry and paganism, including the superb Living With Honour: A Pagan Ethics.

Also well worth a look, while you’re in iPlayer:
There’s a nice piece about the Marsden Imbolc celebrations around 26min 30sec into the programme (preceded, incidentally, by an interesting seg on the Cheddar whitebeam).


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