Blessings of Samhain

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Bloodstone Border morris side
The Bloodstone Border morris side at The Longstone, Isle of Wight, Samhain, 2009.

A ROUSING first performance by the Bloodstone Border morris side created a delightful – or perhaps, de-darkful? – atmosphere for the Wight Grove’s 2009 celebration of Samhain/Samhuinn.

Amidst a lightly shrouding autumn mist, this new Isle of Wight team produced a raucously fun show that beautifully and fittingly counterbalanced the traditionally regular Beltane – or May Day – event of the Men of Wight, their black and red garb adding a perfect seasonal touch for Samhain.

A wonderful prelude to the usual Wight Druids open public ceremony, but much more, a hugely enjoyable performance we hope and trust many more folk will have the privilege to witness in the future.

Our thanks, once again, to Rob and all the crew for making this event possible – and such fun!

We wish them Many Blessings and all success for this new venture, keeping alive one of the finest ancestral traditions of these islands.

Bendithion Llawen



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